We're blessed to be surrounded with nature here at the English Country House. Though part of our plans include keeping chickens and reintroducing sheep to the land, most of the animals here are entirely wild.

Rufus the fox and their fox family have a den in the bottom paddock, though exactly where we don't yet know. We sometimes hear them calling (screeching) at night, they're beautiful animals, but we'll need to protect our chickens from them!


Brock the badger and family live deep under ground, but emerge at night to frolic and forage for food!


Badger - English Country House

Muntjac deer

In the dark hours of the morning, blood curdling screeching can sometimes be heard, but there's nothing to fear, it's just the muntjac deer! 

Muntjac deer:

muntjac deer
Birds of prey
Common buzzards and red kites patrol the skies, daily, hunting, their cries to their partners filling the void. They always make us smile, when they put on what seems like personal displays of airborne prowess. 
Common buzzard:
common buzzard flying
Red kite:
red kite in flight
Robin Redbreast
Despite all the high and mighty birds of prey, there are a lot of European Robins, or "Robin Redbreasts" - and they happen to be our favourite bird and Britain's national bird. Small, indomitable, and so curious! 
Robin Redbreast:
Robin redbreast
Slow worm
In the autumn of 2023, Mr English Country House quite literally stumbled across a slow worm! It was basking in the last of the sun at the top of the steps by the stone dogs. None of us had seen one before in either the wild or zoos, so it caused a surge of interest.
Slow worm: